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Here are your North County USBC Hall of Fame members

To be elected into the North County USBC Association Hall of Fame is to have your name forever associated with the highest levels of Service, or Performance within the sport of bowling in San Diego County.
We congratulate and applaud these individuals for their accomplishments and thank them for their service & contributions to our great sport.

If you have any information on any missing or incorrect information please let me know at NC USBC Hall of Fame.

Members of the North County USBC are eligible for nomination and induction into the North County USBC Hall of Fame.

Click the respective button for information about the qualifications for each Hall of Fame category

Qualifications for Distinguished Service shall include, but are not limited to:

  1. The Distinguished Service award is limited to members who have exhibited specific and limited service to the association (NC USBCA, Palomar BA, Avocado WBA and NC YABA), whereby the member exhibits a valuable and consistent contribution and dedication to one or more facets of the game, ie: 600 Club, 200 Club, many years of service as league officer, forming new leagues, doing special fundraising for BVL, WRC, other charities.
  2. Nominee need not be a member of the USBC. Volunteers, association leaders, youth bowlers, proprietors, sponsors, and others are all eligible.
  3. Service must have been sufficient in duration to demonstrate frequent and sustained efforts to further the education and promotion of bowling.

Qualifications for Meritorious Service shall include, but are not limited to:

  1. A past or present member shall have performed meritorious service for the game of bowling in the NC USBC and have been actively involved in bowling within the jurisdictional area of the association for a minimum of 10 years total (not necessarily consecutive years).
  2. Selections will be made on the basis of sportsmanship and character.
  3. Service to the association as a board member is mandatory. The minimum number of years of service is ten (10) years.

Qualifications for Superior Performance shall include, but are not limited to:

  1. Bowling accomplishments must have been made while a member of the NC USBC Association, Palomar BA, or the Avocado WBA.
  2. The nominee must have participated in at least ten (10) years of attendance in the Association Annual Championships.
  3. Youth members are not eligible.
  4. Selections are made on the basis of superior performance, sportsmanship and character including, but not limited to, local, state and national accomplishments.

Qualifications for Lifetime Achievement shall include, but are not limited to:

  1. Bowling accomplishments must have been made while a member of the NC USBC Association, Palomar BA, or the Avocado WBA.
  2. Nominee mush have a minimum of twenty-five (25) years of participation in NC USBC Association tournaments.
  3. Nominee must be a minimum of 55 years of age.
  4. Nominee mush have achieved some verifiable awards as a league member in the NC USBC Association.
  5. Nominee must have performed signigicantly above average throughout his/her career (190 for men; 180 for women).
  6. Selections are made on the basis of the above as well as demonstrated sportsmanship and good on and off the lanes.

Respective nomination forms are available below

Lifetime Achievement Nomination Form Distinguished Service Nomination Form Meritorious Service Nomination Form Superior Performance Nomination Form

Nominations close on February 1st and shall be submitted to:

        ATTN: Hall of Fame Committee
        4779 Mayflower Way
        Oceanside CA 92057-6118

        For additional information, email: Tim Smith - Chair, Hall of Fame Committee

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Hall of Fame members are listed in the Bowling Association in which they were inducted, with year of induction
(* - Deceased)



2006 - current
Wayne Conrad * 2010 Linda Gomez 2012 Willie Williams 2010 Michael Cultrera 2023
Gene (Geno) Hovis * 2010 Dianne Lott 2013 William (Bill) Harmatz * 2011 Sam Toro 2023
Bruce Pederson
  CA USBC HoF (Superior Performance) - 2017
2010 Diana Shaw 2014 Diane Veach 2013 Travis Smithers 2023
Robert (Bob) Cooper 2011 Betsy Young * 2014 Nancy Arvanitis

AWBA HoF (Superior Performance) - 1998
 CA YABA HoF (Meritorious Service) - 1998
 CA YABA HoF (Distinguished Service) - 2003
 CA USBC HoF (Meritorious Service) - 2012

Ted Balleras 2012 Dorothy Crabtree 2015 Jim Thompson 2014
Karen Smith 2012 Adrienne Rodriguez 2016 Beverly “Bev” Hopkins 2016
Howard Stiles 2013 Andy Neeman 2017 David Schaffer 2016
Dana Chandler 2013 Joy Van Patten 2019 Vicie Lucas 2020
JoHanna Brooks 2014 Ross LaBar 2019
Bill Conrad 2014
John Sowell 2014
Russ Krumenacker 2014
Eddie Salsido 2014
Debi Etem 2015
Michael Vinyard 2015
Keith Genovese 2015
Dawn Gorman 2016
Antonio Morgan 2016
Michael Morgan 2017
Chris Manier 2017
Danny Sustaita 2017
Steve Johnson 2019
Greg Gentry 2022
Mike White 2022



1982 - 2005
John Timm 1982 Hal Kimbrough 1982
Jim Coate * 1988 Harold Shaffer 1982
Rollie Worman * 1991 Ron Jay * 1983
Kent Whitson 1996 Wilber Smith 1985
Tim Smith 2000 J. P. Webster 1985
Bill Gruner * 2001 William Precht 1985
Don Evans 2003 James Schuck * 1990
Mike DeVaney 2004 Willie Schaeffer 1991
Don Chandler 2005 Jack R. Turner 1994
Chip Willett 2006 R. Vic Landis * 1994
Mike Lucas 1994
Tim Smith 2000
Sid Good 2000
Buzz Sawyer 2003
Bill Countryman 2003



1982 - 2005
Olga Gloor *
   WIBC HoF - 1976
1984 Mary Hinman *
 CWBA HoF (Meritorious Service) - 1985
 CA YABA - Meritorious Service - 1976
Marge Rustemeyer * 1985 Bea Powell * 1984
Betty Salvato * 1994 Mickie OBrien * 1984
Nancy Arvanitis
  CA YABA - Meritorious Service - 1998
  CA YABA - Distinguished Service - 2003

 CA USBC HoF (Meritorious Service) - 2012
  NC USBC HoF (Meritorious Service) - 2014

1998 Irene Swoboda * 1985
Marilyn Soutar 2000 Ethel Chandler * 1986
Penny Lepp 2002 Phyllis Bourque
 CA YABA - Meritorious Service - 1991
Vikki Ramey 2005 Billie Meyer * 1989
Jerry Mendenhall 1994
Irene Worman 1998
Mary Hancher * 1998
Lu Daversa * 1998
Kay Brasted * 2000
Mary Vale Torrence * 2000
Suzie Leary * 2005
Sharon Myers 2006