North County USBC Association #82217

Serving Bowlers in North San Diego County, California

P.O. Box 5987, Oceanside, CA 92052     (760) 301-6509

Award Forms and Scholarship / Nomination Applications

Award Information & Forms

Everything you want/need to know about USBC awards can be found Here.

USBC 300 Ring USBC 800 Ring

Need an application form for an ADULT 300/800 Honor Score award? Get it Here.

USBC 900 Ring

Shot a 900? Congratulations! Your application form is Here.

Baker 300? Your application form is Here.

Need the USBC application form for a YOUTH 300/800 or 11-in-a-row High Score award? Get it Here.
How about a California State YOUTH Honor Awards form (300/299/298/700/750/800 or 11-in-a-row)? Get it Here.

Would you like a certificate for an award? Get it Here.

Information on North County USBC Association awards is Here.

Annual Association Membership Meeting

Compliments of COVID-19 the 2020 Annual Membership Meeting did not occur as planned. However when conditions permit we are planning to have one. As many of you know elections are an important part of these meetings. Elections cover board member and delegate positions and are covered below. The Board/Delegate nomination forms listed below can be printed and then complete and mailed, or (if you have the Adobe Acrobat program on your computer or phone) you can complete the form on your device and submit it electronically. Eligibility requirements are noted on the respective form. The forms will also be available at the membership meeting.

Board Nomination Form

The term for those board members who were elected in 2018 expires July 31, 2020. USBC has extended those terms (due to COVID-19) until the association is able to hold a membership meeting and conduct elections. Our intent (when gatherings are permitted) is to have a membership meeting and conduct those elections in the 2020 - 2021 season. Here are the positions that are up for election to the Board of Directors:
1st Vice President, 3rd Vice President (youth), five (5) adult director positions and three (3) adults representing youth director positions.

2020 Board Nomination Form

Delegate Nomination Form

Delegates are elected, at the Annual Association Membership Meeting, to a one (1) year term to represent the Association at the USBC National Convention and/or the California State USBC Convention.
The 2021 USBC Convention will be held in the Chicago area (April 26-29, 2021). Additional information is noted HERE.
Three (3) Adult Delegates and two (2) alternate delegates will be elected.

Six (6) Adult Delegates and four (4) Youth Delegates (2 adults representing youth and 2 youth representing youth) will be elected for the 2021 California State USBC Convention. The location for the 2021 state convention has yet to be announced.

2020 Delegate Nomination Form

Hall of Fame Applications

Hall of Fame Code of Conduct

Distinguished Service Meritorious Service Superior Performance

Scholarship Applications

Billie Meyer Memorial Scholarship & North County USBC Scholarship Application