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North County USBC Association, Inc   -  #82217
Serving Bowlers in North San Diego County, California
4212 Vista Del Rio Way #8, Oceanside, CA 92057
(760) 231-8676

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Local Bowling Club information is available below.

North County Women's 200 Club
   ↪ Last updated Apr 23rd.

Avocado Women's 500 Club
   ↪ Last updated Feb 6th.

Avocado 600 Club
   ↪ Last updated Feb 6th.

San Diego County Senior Doubles Bowling Club
  ↪ Last updated Mar 24th.

Last update --- April 28, 2016

*** Latest News ***

WELL..... it is with a heavy heart that I pass along the following piece of news. For those that may have been on an Artic expedition for the past week and are thus unaware, VEC is closing their doors on June 1st. Ms. S. Harmatz said the center has been SOLD! She said she has been trying to sell the property for the past year, without success. She said she was hoping to find a buyer that was willing to make the necessary repairs and keep it functional as a bowling center. I find it surprising that two other individuals who own several bowling centers in the state were unaware the center has been available for sale. Nor were they able to find any advertisements for the sale. Not that it matters now. My condolences to you Mr. William (Bill) Harmatz. Less than 6 1/2 years since your passing and 1 of your joys and dreams is now going too. We will miss it as much as you. RIP.

As such, I know that all of you are VERY anxious about where you are going to bowl next. The Board of Directors is working on it. NOW!!! We will keep you inform as we progress. We know that just as some people have issues bowling at VEC, others have issues with every other center. Please let your league secretaries know NOW regarding the center you would like to bowl in. They will forward this information to us and we will consolidate the data, contact the various centers and see what we can accomplish. Please realize that this process will not be completed within the week. Give us some time. WE ARE WORKING on it as quickly as possible. Thank you for your assistance. Please ensure that your league secretaries have your correct and current contact information.

The next Senior Doubles Bowling Club Tournament is Saturday, May 13th at AMF Eagle Lanes. The Entry form can be found via the Club link on the left. Or, click HERE. NOTE: The 2nd squad (1:30PM) is full. However, there are still openings for the 1st squad at 10:00AM.

The Phyllis Bourque Appreciation Tournament will happen at 12PM, Sunday, May 21st, at Vista Entertainment Center. Open to ALL. Sanctioned & Non-Sanctioned. Handicaped & Scratch divisions. Proceeds go to the Vista Youth Bowlers. The entry form can be found via the Tournament Entries/Results link on the left. Or, click HERE
Mail or deliver your entry: C/O Ron Briseno, 435 W. Vista Way, Vista CA 92083.

To all of those who attented the Annual Association Open Meeting, Thank You, for your attendence and input. It is greatly appreciated. A special "Thank You" to USBC Western Regional Representative Mr. David Prange. Your attendence, participation and input is valued and greatly appreciated.

Congratulations to our Association 2017 Hall of Fame inductees: Chris Manier (Superior Performance), Mike Morgan (Superior Performance), Danny Sustaita (Superior Performance), and Andy Neeman (Meritorious Service).

Congratulations to Mr. Ron Briseno (Executive Director - VEC). Selected as the California State Proprietor/General Manager of the year. And to Mr. Bruce Pederson, selected to the California State Hall of Fame for Superior Performance.

The 2017 SoCal Queens & Princess Tournament will happen at 9AM, Saturday, September 30, 2017 at CAL Bowl in Lakewood, CA. It is open to ALL female California USBC members. The Entry form can be found via the Tournament Entries/Results link on the left. Or, click HERE. $65 ENTRY FEE ($75 cash for on-site entries).

The North County Women's 200 Club Baker Tournament results are up. Available via the link on the left, or click HERE.

Congratulations to Danny Sustaita. 265, 279 & 278 = 822. Friday night, 4/28/17, in the Vegas Friends league at VEC. Very well done Danny. AGAIN!!! Please give the rest of us a break. :O

Congratulations to Danny Sustaita. 298, 258 & 279 = 835. Friday night, 3/24/17, in the Vegas Friends league at VEC. Very well done Danny.

Congratulations to Chuck Bush on bowling his 1st 300 game in the Pilgram Creekers league at Surf Bowl Wednesday, 3/22/17. 74 years is a LONG time to wait. But I am sure it was worth it.

OFFICIAL results for the March 18th San Diego County Senior Doubles Bowling Club Tournament are up. Click the club link on the bottom left of this page. Or click HERE.

Congratulations to Mark Lewen on bowling ANOTHER 300 game in the Storm 820 Scratch league at VEC Wednesday night 3/15/17.

Congratulations to Chris Giberson on bowling his 1st 300 game in the Vegas Friends league at VEC Friday night 3/10/17. And 14 hours later, in the Association Championship Doubles event, he bowled a 298. NICE !!!

The National USBC Convention happens April 24-29. The State USBC Convention will occur June 10-11. If you have any items you would like your Association Delegates to address.... Please let your Board of Directors know!!!

CONGRATULATIONS to Bruce Pederson and Steve Johnson. They finished in 21st place in the Doubles Event, Retired Division, at the 2017 Military Bowling Championships in Las Vegas, NV. Nice job!!!

UNOFFICIAL Adult-Youth Twosome Tournament results are up. Click the "Tournaments & Results" link on the left.

Upcoming Events

The 2016-2017 schedule of Association tournaments is up.

Pick up entry forms at your closest Association served center to plan your schedule.

In addition, you can click on the "Tournament Entries/Results" link on the left and download/print the respective tournament entry form for use at your convenience.

PLEASE !!! Complete and get your Entry in EARLY. While we certainly take walk-in entries, it REALLY slows the whole process of getting you on the lanes.

What is the North County USBC Association?

The North County USBC Association, Inc officially launched on April 10, 2006, as the organization to serve amateur adult and youth bowlers in North San Diego County. It resulted from the merger of the Palomar Bowling Association (ABC), Avocado Women's Bowling Association (WIBC) and the North County Young American Bowling Alliance. Today, the North County USBC Association serves more than 2,200 members.

Mission Statement & Vision

MISSION: As an Association, to service all bowlers - men, women and youth - and to promote sportsmanship, the spirit of competition, and unity among the participants of the sport we love.

VISION: Together, as One, we service All, Equally.


To all of the past and present men, women, and youth who have tirelessly dedicated their time and efforts to their respective organizations in the pursuit of sportsmanship, competition and friendship, we dedicate this WEB site.

This merged organization was formed in the year 2005-2006 through the efforts of the Transition Team made up of Vic Landis, Vicie Lucas, Sid Good, Mary Vale Torrence, Sharon Myers, Gay Marshall, Gorge T. Myrick, Phyllis Bourque and Nancy Arvanitis. Bylaws were developed and approved by the respective Boards of Directors from the Palomar Bowling Association, Avocado Women's Bowling Association and the North County YABA, and our new North County USBC Association, Inc was formed.