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Notes on what is currently happening in YOUR Association

12/15/18 - And here is GREAT news. Youth bowlers Glen Teal and C. J. Schaffer received their certification as the USBC's TOP Youth Doubles Team for the 2017-2018 season.

12/9/18 - Official results for the Annual Doubles tournament are now up.

12/7/18 - There will be a celebration of life for Tina Griffin on Sunday, December 9th from 5-9 PM. It will take place at Grand Slam Pizza, 1910 Shadowridge Dr., Vista. The restaurant will be closed to the public from 4pm on. If anyone would like to speak and share memories, please feel free to do so. It will be very casual. A variety of food and sodas/water will be provided. Beer and wine will be available for sale. The kitchen will be closed at 5 pm but will provide a few pizzas for the tables. A bowler, friend, mother, sister, and Association Director; She will be dearly missed. Please pass this on to anyone you may feel would like to attend.

12/4/18 - The 200/500/600 Club Dec 1th Christmas Friendship tournament results are Here. Congratulations to Jennifer Talbot.

12/2/18 - UNOFFICIAL results for the Noverber 17th BVL tournament are Here. Congratulations to ALL the winners. Good luck at the State tournament.

11/17/18 - Congratulations to Kennison Andrews for his 300 at the BVL tournament.

11/3/18 - Results for the October 27th Avocado 600 Club Annual Open tournament results are Here. Congratulations to Matt Heyer & Elizabeth Counts.

11/2/18 - Another award score to report. Joe Cipollini rolled a 300 in the Vegas Friends league at Leatherneck Lanes. Nice job Joe.

11/2/18 - UN-Official results for the October 30th San Diego County Senior Doubles Bowling Club tournament in Las Vegas are Here.
Check the Club's web page for the UN-Official Men's and Women's No Tap results.

The Eagles have flown

USBC Eagle

Well... The Eagles have departed to their new home.
2018 USBC Open Championship, Classified Division, Team Champions - Team Beav - have escorted them to their new permanent homes where I am sure they will be dearly loved and cared for.
Thank you to all of you who were able to be there for the presentation.

Once again, CONGRATULATIONS to Del Hagen, Victoria Beaver, Leonard Beaver, Vanessa Beaver and Maurice Anderson - 2018 USBC Open Championships Classified Division Team CHAMPIONS!

And now that many of you know what an Eagle is, given that the 2019 USBC Open Championship tournament will be in Las Vegas (read CLOSE TO HOME) running from March 9th - June 29th, for those that have never bowled in the Open Championship (OC) you SHOULD get a team together and give that experience a chance. Who knows, you too could win an Eagle. Provided you can beat Team Beav.

Official results for the October 7th Avocado 600 Club's Friendship tournament are Here. Congratulations to Ladine Jones.

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Here are some honor scores to report. First up, JJ Philips who appropriatly shot his 1st 800 in the Justin Phillips 410 scratch league at Leatherneck Lanes (10/16/18) (Here). Well done JJ. I am sure your dad is smiling.

Then, Wednesday night (10/17), Bowling on the same team (Bowlers Depot SM) in the number 2 and 3 spots, in the Magic Men's league at Bowlero - San Marcos, Andrew McCluskey and Howard Stiles both shot 300 in the 1st game (Look). Congratulations gentlemen! Needless to say, this certainly helped their team with a 1247 scratch game total.

The new season is well underway at all of our centers. And all centers have an incredible lineup of league choices available. Links to all the centers are available on the left. Check them out. Get a friend to join you and have even more fun.
There was an INCREDIBLE turnout and show of support for the family of Justin Phillips Sr. Thank you to everyone for showing up. Thank you to everone who donated their time, efforts, food, gift certificates, coaching time, etc. Thank you to Dawn, Adella, Andy, Monty and everyone else. And of course thank you to the Phillips family for being there at such a difficult time in their lives. Our sincere condolences to the Phillips family, our thoughts and prayers are with you. My apologies for not being able to remember the names of everyone involved in making this something that Justin would be proud of.
I still can not figure out how Rick Riggings rigged so many raffel wins. 🤔

Official results for the 9/15/18 Senior Doubles tournament are Here.