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North County USBC Association, Inc   -  #82217
Serving Bowlers in North San Diego County, California
4212 Vista Del Rio Way #8, Oceanside, CA 92057
(760) 231-8676

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Local Bowling Club information is available below.

North County Women's 200 Club
   ↪ Last updated Jun 26th.

Avocado Women's 500 Club
   ↪ Last updated Jun 23rd.

Avocado 600 Club
   ↪ Last updated May 16th.

San Diego County Senior Doubles Bowling Club
  ↪ Last updated May 20th.

Last update --- June 26, 2016

*** Latest News ***

Well, it appears that David Schaffer & Nick Gammo have a lock on 300's in the 615 Trio Scratch league at AMF Eagle Lanes. After David's 1st 300 on 5/24, Nick Gammo shot one the 31st. Then David shot another on 6/7 & again on 6/14. Then it was back to Nick who shot another 300 game on 6/21.

The Avocado Women's 500 Club "Potpourri" Tournament results are up. Results are HERE.
Congratulations to Jennifer Walters! Click the Club's link on the left for more 500 Club information.

CONGRATULATIONS to Bruce Pederson on his induction into the California State USBC Hall of Fame for Superior Performance!
CONGRATULATIONS to Ron Briseno on his selection as the California State USBC Proprietor/General Manager of the year!

Congratulations to David Schaffer on bowling his 1st 300 game in the 615 Trio Scratch league at AMF Eagle Lanes Wednesday, 5/24/17. Welcome to the club. It's been a LONG wait for you. But I am sure that you, like us, are happy you have finally achieved it.

Well, VEC has closed their doors. I, like many other bowlers, are sad to see it. I was there on Wednesday, May 31st, and was pleasantly surprised to learn that they are apparently looking into the possibility of opening another center in another local location. There was a clipboard on the front desk for people to add their name and email addresses to receive updates on their progress. For those who could not make it there, their web site still appears to be active. So you should be able to contact them if you would like further information.
From all of the bowlers, spectators, etc. who have used VEC over the years to all of the employees and personnel involved in the successful operation of VEC over the decades (front desk, snack bar, bartenders, cocktail waitresses, lane maintenance, pin chasers, Security, etc.). TO ALL OF YOU.... A very sincere THANK YOU! for ALL of the services you provided with a smile, even when some customers made a smile difficult to form.

The smoothies brewed up by the NCUSBCA booth at the Strawberry Festival held in Vista were a BIG, BIG success. So much so that they ran out of strawberries, milk, etc. before the closing of the festival. Thank you to Ms. Harmatz for donating the tables used. Thank you to all of the centers that donated coupons and information that were provided to customers. Thank you to all the adult and youth bowlers involved in another successful production (Phyllis, Nancy, Rose, Tom, David, Michelle, et al.). And, thank you to everyone who consumed all those smoothies!

The North County Women's 200 Club "Sugar Daddy" Triplex Tournament results are up. Click the Club's link on the left, or click HERE.

THANK YOU - To all of you that supported the PHYLLIS BOURQUE Appreciation Tournament yesterday. Ms. Harmatz donated the lineage (Thank You) and thus, more than $2000 was made for the kids. That is really fantastic.
Everyone had a really good time.

OFFICIAL results for the latest Avocado 600 Club tournament can be found via the Club's link on the left. Or, click HERE.

OFFICIAL results for the latest San Diego County Senior Doubles Bowling Club tournament can be found via the Club's link on the left. Or, click HERE.

WELL..... Today is a new day. I believe that a couple of leagues have had meetings regarding their plans for the future. I have (UNOFFICIALLY) heard that one is moving to Eagle, while another is moving to Surf. That is fantastic. I am really glad that these centers were able to accommodate some of the VEC leagues.

For those of you who bowled winter leagues at VEC, you have a bit of time to get together and make you decision as to where your next season will take place.
VEC league bowlers now have 4 Centers from which to choose. Poway, Eagle, Surf, and Base. Contact information for ALL centers is available on our "Bowling Centers & Links" page, on the left. ALL centers are eagerly waiting to assist you.

The following information is for those VEC bowlers that may be considering the Base Bowling Center (Leatherneck Lanes) for their future use.
If you have not been there in some time, or did not realize that bowling there was an option, THINGS HAVE CHANGED. They have invested something like 6.5-7.5 million in the facility. The result, Leatherneck Lanes is a beautiful 40 lane center. A center entry, with parking right in front. Plenty of confortable seating (for bowlers as well as spectators), very good lighting and air conditioning. The bathrooms are CLEAN and MODERN. They have a snack bar and a bar that serves beer, and spirits. I am not sure about wine, but I can check if that is of interst by anyone.
We (Association management) had a meeting with Leatherneck Lanes management personnel on Monday morning (May 1st). They were EXTREMELY welcoming and accommodating to us. We met with them for approximately 2 hours. We provided them with a list of the leagues that participated at VEC this past season and the # Teams/lanes used. They believe that they can accomodate almost all of those VEC leagues and bowlers who wish to bowl there, while maintaining the leagues in their current time and day slots. This included the larger VEC Wednesday Chopping Block and Friday Vegas Friends winter leagues. However, interested leagues would need to provide them (Leatherneck Lanes management) with the expected number of bowlers per team and total number of teams (per league), to help ensure accommodation. We took a short video of the center after the meeting, and before the center opened for the day. The link is HERE.
Remember, the decision resides with YOU, the bowlers, to determine which center you would like your league to bowl in.

Now, AGAIN, remember that YOU have 4 centers from which to choose. And, the decision is YOURS to make, no one else!

For those VEC leagues that choose to move to base, I have the following information regarding gaining access to MCB Camp Pendleton. The base access process is VERY SIMPLE. And despite outdated and incorrect information posted by 1 individual, you DO NOT have to have a DoD decal on your vehicle. If FACT they NO LONGER ISSUE the decals, and have not for some time. They (base security) are more concerned with the occupant than the vehicle. With that said, Leatherneck Lanes acts as the "Sponsor", for individuals, or the ENTIRE league membership. Long gone are the days of only 2 guests per sponsor. For those of you who wish to bowl there, and who are not already in possession of a DOD issued ID, you will need to provide 5 pieces of informaiton. 1 - First, Middle, Last name. 2 - Drivers License Number. 3 - Drivers License State. 4 - Date of Birth. 5 - Contact phone number (to help quickly resolve any questions). Please ensure that the name you provide is the same name on your drivers license.
This information will be passed to the Provost Marshal's Office (PMO) who will conduct a background check. This is really no different than what the DMV does. Again, ensure that the information you provide is CLEAR and ACCURATE. If there are any issues that need to be resolved the Bowling Center will be notified within 2-3 days who will then pass the notice back to the submitting entity (League secretary or yourself). So don't wait until the day before you need to bowl to submit your information. You MAY get through the gate. But, you may not!
For those who may be concerned about privacy issues and do not want your league secretary to have your Drivers License information, let me reiterate that you can submit your information to the Bowling Center yourself (and also for those who may be riding with you, or driving themselves, to watch, etc.). The link to provide/submit the required information yourself is HERE.

Once on the access list you are approved for 90 days. Your league secretary can resubmit the information for everyone on their list (bowlers, subs, visitors, etc.) every 90 days to "refresh" the list. If done this way, you (the individual bowler) do not need to do anything. So, if you are having your league secretary submit your information, make sure the information they have is kept up-to-date (In case you move, have a name change, etc.). If you do not have your secretary submitting YOUR information, you will need to do so yourself.

Then, all you need to do is present the guard at the gate your drivers license to scan (and if requested; your valid registration and insurance). Be aware that, SOMETIMES/OCCASIONALLY, a guard may ask for identification from everyone in your vehicle. They also (on the odd occasion) may request to search your vehicle. They have this RIGHT, as it is Federal property and the signs are posted at ALL gates to ALL Federal properties. So, just BE PREPARED. Have a little extra time to get through the gate. Maybe they are backed up because they are checking someone ahead of you. And ensure that the requested information for EVERYONE in your vehicle has been submitted well in advance (1 week minimum) and that they have been approved before you get to the gate. You may get through the gate without having them approved. But, then again, you may be VERY unhappy if a guard refuses entry to someone in your group that has not been approved and authorized for base entry. Also, be aware that the speed limit is 25 MPH at the gate area, then 35, 45 and back to 35 near the center. PAY ATTENTION TO SPEED ON BASE!. This is Federal Property. Tickets are handled via the Federal Courthouse in downtown San Diego, NOT Vista. Besides being expensive, time consuming and NOT FUN! Please understand that I am NOT trying to scare anyone. These are all just standard security precautions. Just as going for jury duty could subject you to a personal search. Or, just like if you take a flight somewhere, etc. I am just trying to be proactive and provide everyone with information on what amounts to standard operating procedures for the base.

Now, just as each and every individual can submit their own information to Leatherneck Lanes, so can your league secretary. In addition, it should be noted that the entire association membership could be submitted (Obviously, ONLY with EACH BOWLERS APPROVAL, and information). That way those individuals would be on the approved list to bowl at Leatherneck Lanes and it would make substituting in leagues on base a breeze, even if you did not primarily bowl in a league on base. Again, you will be able to submit your own information (as well as the information for those going with you) yourself. Or, get the information to your league secretary. For irregular visitors, etc., it is probably easier to submit the information yourself. It really is easy.

A link to the Leatherneck Lanes web page is right HERE. Currently, this center opens at 10 AM. However, they are willing to change this if there is a need. Just like other centers, they have special pricing for league bowlers (However it is not shown on their pricing list). A map of the main side area of the base is provided via their web page, as well as a link to submit your information for base access.

From a driving and time point of view, I have the following information: From VEC to Leatherneck Lanes is approximately 10.3 miles and 24 minutes. From the back gate (also known as the Vandegrift gate) to Leatherneck Lanes is approximately 2.2 miles (5 minutes, 4 traffic lights). Building 1339, the Northwest corner of 13th Street and Vandegrift BLVD.

For bowlers concerned about the lane condition: The same lane pattern (Wall Street) that was used at VEC, is used at base.
The back ends seem to be VERY clean and your ball may break harder once it comes out of the oil. Also, the approaches are synthetic verse wood. So (at least to me) they seem to slide similar to what you may find at Surf Bowl.
Yes, it is a small adjustment. Just like you have to make at every center! That is what makes a bowler better, learning to adjust when the need arises.
Cost considerations: The Lineage fees we were quoted are lower than what you would expect.
Specials: They have $1 per game open play on Monday's and Wednesday's from 10am - 2pm. For everyone!

We will keep you informed as we learn more information. Former VEC bowlers, PLEASE let your league secretaries/officers know, regarding the center you would like to bowl in for your upcoming Winter league(s), as soon as possible. They can then contact the respective center to get your league ready to go for the next season. Please give your league officers as much time as you can. Getting your league into a center that already has leagues in your desired time slot may require some adjustments. We have contacted EVERY bowling center in the Association. Every one of them is aware that VEC has closed and they certainly would like your business. Boy was this a long post. I hope that the above info is helpful to those former VEC bowlers in making future bowling decisions. Thank you for your time. Please ensure that your league secretaries have your correct and current contact information so that they can keep you informed.

To all of those who attented the Annual Association Open Meeting, Thank You, for your attendence and input. It is greatly appreciated. A special "Thank You" to USBC Western Regional Representative Mr. David Prange. Your attendence, participation and input is valued and greatly appreciated.

Congratulations to our Association 2017 Hall of Fame inductees: Chris Manier (Superior Performance), Mike Morgan (Superior Performance), Danny Sustaita (Superior Performance), and Andy Neeman (Meritorious Service).

Congratulations to Mr. Ron Briseno (Executive Director - VEC). Selected as the California State Proprietor/General Manager of the year. And to Mr. Bruce Pederson, selected to the California State Hall of Fame for Superior Performance.

The 2017 SoCal Queens & Princess Tournament will happen at 9AM, Saturday, September 30, 2017 at CAL Bowl in Lakewood, CA. It is open to ALL female California USBC members. The Entry form can be found via the Tournament Entries/Results link on the left. Or, click HERE. $65 ENTRY FEE ($75 cash for on-site entries).

Upcoming Events

All 2016-2017 Association tournaments are now complete. The 2017-2018 tournament schedule is being finalized and will be posted here when that is done.

To assist you in planning your schedule, tournament entry forms will be available at all Association centers as they become available. In addition, you can click on the "Tournament Entries/Results" link on the left and download/print the respective tournament entry form for use at your convenience.

PLEASE !!! Complete and get your Entry in EARLY. While we certainly take walk-in entries, it REALLY slows the whole process of getting you on the lanes.

What is the North County USBC Association?

The North County USBC Association, Inc officially launched on April 10, 2006, as the organization to serve amateur adult and youth bowlers in North San Diego County. It resulted from the merger of the Palomar Bowling Association (ABC), Avocado Women's Bowling Association (WIBC) and the North County Young American Bowling Alliance. Today, the North County USBC Association serves more than 2,200 members.

Mission Statement & Vision

MISSION: As an Association, to service all bowlers - men, women and youth - and to promote sportsmanship, the spirit of competition, and unity among the participants of the sport we love.

VISION: Together, as One, we service All, Equally.


To all of the past and present men, women, and youth who have tirelessly dedicated their time and efforts to their respective organizations in the pursuit of sportsmanship, competition and friendship, we dedicate this WEB site.

This merged organization was formed in the year 2005-2006 through the efforts of the Transition Team made up of Vic Landis, Vicie Lucas, Sid Good, Mary Vale Torrence, Sharon Myers, Gay Marshall, Gorge T. Myrick, Phyllis Bourque and Nancy Arvanitis. Bylaws were developed and approved by the respective Boards of Directors from the Palomar Bowling Association, Avocado Women's Bowling Association and the North County YABA, and our new North County USBC Association, Inc was formed.