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North County USBC Association, Inc   -  #82217
Serving Bowlers in North San Diego County, California
4212 Vista Del Rio Way #8, Oceanside, CA 92057
(760) 231-8676

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Local Bowling Club information is available below.

North County Women's 200 Club
   ↪ Last updated Sep 24th.

Avocado Women's 500 Club
   ↪ Last updated Aug 15th.

Avocado 600 Club
   ↪ Last updated Oct 16th.

San Diego County Senior Doubles Bowling Club
  ↪ Last updated Sep 22nd.

Last update --- October 16, 2017

*** Latest News ***

OFFICIAL results for the 600 Club's Open tournament are up. Congratulations to Joe Prutch & Roberta Dale.
  Visit the "Avocado 600 Club's" page, or click HERE.


UNOFFICIAL results for the "Annual Adult / Youth Doubles" tournament are up. Visit the "Tournament Entries/Results" page.

YES!!! CONGRATULATIONS to our Ladies at the 2017 SoCal Queen's tournament.
  Congratulations to Virginia Young - 1st Place - Queen's Div & overall QUEEN's CHAMPION. That's a 1099 right!?
  Congratulations to Valerie Riggin - 2nd Place - Queen's Div.
  Congratulations to Dawn Gorman - 7th Place - Queen's Div.
  Congratulations to Theresa Prutch - 4th Place - Senior Queen's Div.
  Congratulations to Dana Chandler - 8th Place - Senior Queen's Div.
See the results HERE.


OFFICIAL results for the 200 Club's "Annual Singles Championship" tournament are HERE.
  Congratulations to Diana Shaw.


YEA!!! The 2017 - 2018 Association Tournament Schedule is up. Find it HERE.

The entry form for the ADULT / YOUTH DOUBLES tournament is right HERE.
And the entry form for the Susan G. Komen tournament is HERE.


OFFICIAL results for the Senior Doubles Bowling Club September tournament are HERE.
  Congratulations to Sharon Stephens & Carolyn Wilson.


OFFICIAL results for the latest Avocado 600 Club "Annual Singles Championship" tournament are HERE.
  Congratulations to Erin Gilligan-Morin.


The North County Women's 200 Club is holding a fund raiser for the " National Stand Down" Program in time for Christmas. Raffle tickets are available for purchase at $5.00 each for a chance to win this beautiful hand crocheted Red, White, and Blue afghan. The drawing will be held on 11/18 and the winner need not be present.
Click HERE for additional details.

OFFICIAL results for the North County Women's 200 Club "Scotch Doubles" tournament are HERE.
  Congratulations to Elaine Tutterrow & Sammi Mariano.

OFFICIAL results for the Avocado Women's 500 Bowling Club "Triplex" tournament are HERE.
  Congratulations to Jennifer Walters. The next Club tournament is 10/21/17.


OFFICIAL results for the San Diego County Senior Doubles Bowling Club July tournament are HERE.
  Congratulations to Bill & Robert Conrad.


FYI. Annual USBC membership fees/dues have gone up. Effective August 1st, annual USBC membership cost is $24. This is the result of an increase from USBC. The breakdown is as follows: $9 local, $2 state, and $13 National.

The NCUSBCA is now in possession of the remaining award plaques from VEC. For those who may not be familiar with what I am talking about, I am referring to the award score plaques that used to hang below the telescores above each lane. It contained a name, award score & date the score was shot. So, for those of you who desire to obtain your plaque, please let us know. And spread the word that the Association has the plaques that have not already been claimed/retrieved. In the mean time we will try to locate and contact those individuals whose plaques we have on hand.
A special THANK YOU to Ms. Suzi Harmatz for saving and passing along these special memorabilia items for VEC bowlers.

OFFICIAL results for the Avocado Women's 500 Club June 10th "Potpourri" Tournament are HERE.
  Congratulations to Jennifer Walters. Click the Club's link on the left for more 500 Club information.

Congratulations to Bruce Pederson on his induction into the California State USBC HALL of FAME for Superior Performance!
Congratulations to Ron Briseno on his selection as the 2016 - 2017 California State USBC Proprietor/General Manager of the year!

Upcoming Events

The 2017-2018 tournament schedule is finalized and posted up on the Tournament Entries/Results page. The respective tournament committees are busy creating the respective entry forms and we will post them up as they become available.

To assist you in planning your schedule, tournament entry forms will be available at ALL Association centers as they become available. In addition, you can click on the "Tournament Entries/Results" link on the left and download/print the respective tournament entry form for use at your convenience.

Complete and mail in your entry forms EARLY. While we certainly take walk-in entries, it slows the process of getting you on the lanes.

What is the North County USBC Association?

The North County USBC Association, Inc officially launched on April 10, 2006, as the organization to serve amateur adult and youth bowlers in North San Diego County. It resulted from the merger of the Palomar Bowling Association (ABC), Avocado Women's Bowling Association (WIBC) and the North County Young American Bowling Alliance. Today, the North County USBC Association serves more than 2,200 members.

Mission Statement & Vision

MISSION: As an Association, to service all bowlers - men, women and youth - and to promote sportsmanship, the spirit of competition, and unity among the participants of the sport we love.

VISION: Together, as One, we service All, Equally.


To all of the past and present men, women, and youth who have tirelessly dedicated their time and efforts to their respective organizations in the pursuit of sportsmanship, competition and friendship, we dedicate this WEB site.

This merged organization was formed in the year 2005-2006 through the efforts of the Transition Team made up of Vic Landis, Vicie Lucas, Sid Good, Mary Vale Torrence, Sharon Myers, Gay Marshall, Gorge T. Myrick, Phyllis Bourque and Nancy Arvanitis. Bylaws were developed and approved by the respective Boards of Directors from the Palomar Bowling Association, Avocado Women's Bowling Association and the North County YABA, and our new North County USBC Association, Inc was formed.

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